Photography & Artworks

On this page you can find a collection of my personal Photography and Artworks from over the years. I have always been a keen drawer, I was constantly in trouble for doodling instead of writing during my early years of School. I prefer expressive art opposed to fine art but I am capable of both when required. My inspirations consist of Artists such as Mark Rothko, Banksy, Gilbert & George. I am also a fan of the Masterpieces created during the Napoleonic wars, some of which I get to see regularly in my home city of Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery.

Photography has become a hobby over the past 5 or so years, I feel that I have an eye for photography, but technically I am still a Novice. However, like most Artists I’m building my skill and knowledge base in both Photography and Art. The ongoing, forever lasting learning curve of the creative! If you have any questions regarding commission work I would love to hear from you, you can find my contact details on this website or contact me directly on Social Media!

2003 - Secondary School Scrap Book / WWII

2004 - Secondary School Scrap Book #2

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